Onion packing app traceability Australia:

Premium Onion Packing App for Australian onion packers, shippers, and onion wholesale. Pack to order, store onions long term, manage customer onion orders, automatic traceability and onion recalls, grower returns, rapid dispatch managed by the App ensures every onion order is precise. Reduces waste and increases profit.  

Onion packing app:

Premium Onion Packing App for Australian onion packers, shippers, and onion wholesale. Pack to order, store onions long term, manage customer onion orders, automatic traceability and onion recalls, grower returns, rapid dispatch managed by the App ensures every onion order is precise. Reduces waste and increases profit.


Manage incoming onion inventory, capture onion supplier details and cost, apply inventory/pallet labels, record storage location of inventory.  Automatic inventory audit trail and tracking.  Unlimited inventory items. Bar-code inventory management.


Perform stock-takes any time by category or storage location.  Know how much onion inventory you have in real time, even search by storage location.  Report by product line and storage location, or product category. 

Sales, shipping,  orders

Print pick sheet to pick onion orders manually, or scan inventory / pallets onto orders, or auto select inventory,  or rapidly sell without an order.  Track paid, and unpaid invoices.  Attach documents to invoices / photos of outgoing shipments.

Traceability & recalls

Instant mock recalls both up and down the supply chain using instant mock recalls based on supplier lot/batch, supplier name, delivery date, invoice #, inventory #, pallet #, customer reference, order # and more..

Invoices, BOL, labels for pallets & inventory

Choose from a gallery of invoices, bill of lading, freight notes, and industry standard fresh produce labels including Walmart, Tesco, Aldi, Coles, Pick 'n Save, Woolworths and more...

Onion value adding

For food service:  specify the ingredients for each product you manufacture, farmsoft will calculate required quantities to fill open orders and schedule the batch.  Automatic creation of inventory outputs.  All ingredients and inputs are costed.

Unlimited sites & warehouses

Create multiple sites, specify which sites each employee can view (this restricts inventory, orders, invoices etc to selected sites).  Great for businesses with multiple locations across the country or planet.

Advanced tailoring

Add new fields to screens, choose from a wide selection of interfaces (touch based, PC based, data entry, tablet), control special business processes, activate defaults, configure automatic alerts and more...

Purchase orders

Order raw materials, packaging materials and more from suppliers.  Analyze orders and prices using Purchases dashboard. 

Re-order alerts

Receive alerts when inventory needs to be reordered, analyze inventory that will need ordering in the future, and inventory that is approaching expiry...

Finance apps

Integrate in the cloud with Xero finance, or export invoices (AR) and Purchase Orders (AP) to your chosen finance app traceability like MYOB, Quickbooks, , FreshBooks, Wave, SaasAnt, SAGE and others...

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Onion Packing & Traceability App: Enhancing Traceability and Efficiency in Potato Packing Businesses

In the fast-paced world of potato packing businesses, ensuring traceability, reducing waste, increasing staff accountability, and streamlining operations are vital to maintaining a competitive edge. The Onion Packing & Traceability App is a revolutionary solution that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI), barcoding, and RFID technology to address these challenges. This formal marketing article will explore how this innovative app can significantly enhance traceability in potato packing businesses, reduce time to shelf, minimize onion waste, improve staff accountability, simplify bulk storage of onions, enable easy labeling, enhance management of incoming onion deliveries, facilitate accurate order fulfillment, and automate invoice generation.

1. Enhanced Traceability:
The Onion Packing & Traceability App employs advanced AI algorithms, barcoding, and RFID technology to establish a robust traceability system. Each onion is assigned a unique identifier, enabling precise tracking throughout the packing process. From the field to the shelf, businesses can easily trace the origin, quality, and processing history of every onion, providing transparency and accountability to customers and regulatory bodies.

2. Reduced Time to Shelf:
Time is of the essence in the perishable goods industry. The app streamlines and automates various processes, such as inventory management, order processing, and dispatch management, resulting in reduced time to shelf. By eliminating manual tasks and integrating real-time data, businesses can expedite their operations, ensuring that fresh, high-quality onions reach the market faster, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

3. Minimized Onion Waste:
Onion waste is a significant concern for potato packing businesses, leading to substantial financial losses and environmental impact. The Onion Packing & Traceability App tackles this issue by optimizing inventory management and minimizing wastage. Through accurate demand forecasting, businesses can optimize procurement, reducing overstocking and spoilage. Additionally, the app enables proper rotation of stock based on expiration dates, ensuring that older onions are used before fresher ones, reducing waste.

4. Improved Staff Accountability:
With the app's comprehensive features, including individual staff accountability tracking, businesses can enhance operational efficiency and promote responsible work practices. Each staff member is assigned unique login credentials, enabling them to log their activities throughout the packing process. This not only fosters a culture of accountability but also facilitates performance evaluation, identifying areas for improvement and recognizing exceptional contributions.

5. Simplified Bulk Storage of Onions:
Managing bulk storage of onions can be a complex task, often leading to inefficiencies and logistical challenges. The Onion Packing & Traceability App simplifies bulk storage management by providing a centralized digital platform to monitor and organize inventory. With real-time updates on stock levels, locations, and conditions, businesses can optimize their storage capacity, minimize errors, and enhance overall warehouse management.

6. Easy Labeling of Cartons, Pallets, and Bulk Onions:
Accurate and clear labeling is crucial for efficient logistics and effective branding. The app offers a user-friendly interface that enables businesses to generate labels effortlessly for cartons, pallets, and bulk onions. By automating this process, potential labeling errors are minimized, ensuring accurate identification and reducing the risk of misplacement during transport and storage.

7. Enhanced Management of Incoming Onion Deliveries:
The app simplifies the management of incoming onion deliveries by the truckload. It enables businesses to record and track each delivery, capturing essential details such as supplier information, quantity, and quality. This streamlines the receiving process, allowing businesses to verify and document incoming onions accurately, improving inventory accuracy and facilitating prompt issue resolution in case of discrepancies.

8. Accurate Order Fulfillment and Rapid Dispatch Management:
Efficient order fulfillment is critical to customer satisfaction. The Onion Packing & Traceability App enables businesses to manage orders seamlessly, ensuring 100% accuracy. The